Fiction Coaching


I specialize in coaching fiction writers through all phases of the creative process, from overcoming creative blocks and working through story development to polishing manuscripts and querying agents. In one-on-one coaching sessions, I offer in-depth editorial feedback, manuscript fine-tuning, and guidance on honing your craft.


Overcoming Creative Blocks

Blocks to creativity come in many forms, from psychological barriers and environmental stress to scheduling conflicts and more. I work with writers to help identify and overcome these barriers by cultivating the time, space, humor, and confidence to become inspired and joyful authors. 


Developmental Editing

One of the toughest stages of writing is crafting a compelling story with a satisfying narrative arc. In the developmental editing stage, I offer in-depth, insightful feedback on your manuscript, helping you pinpoint the aspects of your story that need development or adjustment as you work toward your final draft.


Preparing for Publication

It's now time to put a professional polish on your manuscript. In this stage of the process, I copy edit and format your manuscript so that it’s squeaky clean and ready for submission. Then, I help guide you through your publication options. Whether you're planning to self-publish or submit to agents, I can assist you in the process of sharing your manuscript with the world.