Writing at the Wildflower Center

This spring, I’ll be teaching an assortment of writing classes out at the gorgeous Wildflower Center.

To register for a class, please follow the links below.



The Poetry of Botany (Saturday, April 13, 2–4pm)

“What might our ancient attraction for flowers have to teach us about the deeper mysteries of beauty—what one poet has called ‘this grace wholly gratuitous’?”

            – Michael Pollan

In this class, you’ll delve into the science of flowers and find poetry in their structure, physiology, and uses. Students will meander through the gardens and learn about the fascinating backstories of several wildflowers before retreating to the learning center to read and write plant-inspired poetry.

Wild Tales of the Texas Terrain (Sunday, April 28, 1–3pm)

In this entertaining class, we delve into the mythology and folklore of plants and use them as inspiration for writing original poems and stories. From the origin of the Indian blanket flower to the magical powers of bachelor’s buttons, these tales will expand your imagination and deepen your appreciation for the Texas landscape.

Finding Stillness and Creativity (Saturday, May 18, 10:30am–12:30pm)

Wind moving through grass. Flowers lifting their petals toward the sun. In this meditative class, you’ll use the stillness and beauty of the Wildflower Center gardens as tools for accessing your creative self. Students will explore some of the most tranquil spots on the garden grounds and use the natural environment to access inspiration for writing.


Poetry & Prose From Your Eyes, Ears, & Nose! (Sunday, April 7, 10am–12pm)

Spring at the Center is a sensational time to stroll, sniff, listen and look for new life from bluebonnets to baby birds. Turn senses into sentences with this creative writing class for children grades third to fifth.

Writing from a Bug’s Eye View (Sunday, May 5, 10am–12pm)

What if you could experience the natural world from the point of view of a bug? In this interactive class, we’ll take a walk through Wildflower Center—not the way people do, but the way bugs do, exploring the up-close details of the plant world and writing stories full of adventure and imagination. This class is great for kids in second, third, and fourth grade.