Spring 2019 Creative Writing Workshop

In this six-week workshop, we’ll be discussing the art of telling stories, both true and imagined. You’ll learn how to craft narratives that hook readers and keep them invested by creating compelling scenes, characters, and language. In each session, we discuss the work of 2–3 students, helping each writer better realize the goals of his or her story.

You'll gain a strong grasp of story structure and learn about new writing techniques. You’ll also receive personalized, in-depth feedback on your writing and hone your storytelling skills as you read and respond to the work of other writers in class. 

What to expect from this class: an insightful and encouraging teacher, supportive classmates, and significant progress toward your writing goals. 

Time: 7pm–9pm at Brentwood Social House, Wednesdays from March 27–May 1

Cost: $220