The Heart of the Story

Creative Writing Workshop

The best stories evoke a deep emotional response that lingers with the reader long after the final sentence has been read. But how do you create that kind of impact in your own writing? 

In this class, we'll explore the nature of stories and what makes them resonate emotionally with readers. You’ll discover techniques for making your characters and setting come alive for readers, and you’ll learn to look past the surface elements of your narrative to discover "the heart of the story."

This is a small workshop in which students receive lots of personalized instruction and feedback on their work. The class begins with a small amount of lecture and in-class writing, but the majority of the course is focused on students sharing their work with the class.

Through thoughtful, supportive, and lively discussion, we help each student create a compelling story that connects powerfully with readers. Over the course of the class, we also read and analyze six published short stories that pack a substantial emotional punch.

(Have questions about whether this workshop is right for you? Please feel free to email me with questions at!)

Time: 10am–12pm at Opa Coffee House, Saturdays from Sep. 7 – Oct. 12

Cost: $220